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Finally saw it

December 25, 2017 08:27AM
The wife and I actually originally planed on seeing it opening weekend , but the theater we like to go to was sold out way in advanced , but it turned out for the best , my brother came down for Christmas , so we got got to go with him and his wife

I mention this , because this is the 4th Star Wars movie we've seen together , most noticeably , we saw the original Star Wars together , I was like 12 , and he was like 6

and now , 40 years later , there we were again Saturday night , a couple little kids watching Star Wars

The Last Jedi


for now , but I'm sure that rating will fluctuate over time after multiple viewings and how it fits into Episode IX

but for the time being


The first two things I want to say is that I actually really liked this movie alot , and.....................I just didn't understand it at all

****** Typical Spoilers Ahead ****************

Captain Phasma , other then that she looked cool , but what the heck was the point of her character , other then toy sales ? , she's hardly in both movies combined

Snoke , I actually thought Snoke was kinda cool , for the whole 5 minutes he's in the film as well , did think it was pretty clever how Kylo Ren kills him though , it was also nice to see that Elite Praetorian Guard's could put up at least a little bit of a fight

Luke Skywalker , just as whiny as ever , thought the fight with Kylo Ren was also pretty clever though , , but I knew something was up as soon as he showed up because he was clearly a younger version of himself from when he was on the island with Rey , still don't know why he had to fade away there at the end

Muppet Yoda , I mean , how cool was that

Princess Leia , what happened to her spunk ?,really disliked what they did to her character in both movies , I mean I understand they wanted to show the weight of the responsibility she's had over the years , but they did a basic 180 with her character , instead of being all excited about seeing Carrie Fisher back on screen , she mostly just bummed me out

Finn , I liked him better here then I did in Force Awakens

Poe Dameron , not a fan

General Hux , love this guy , so glad they haven't killed him off yet

Kylo Ren and Rey , can't wait to see more

Rose Tico , a welcomed addition to the universe , looking forward to seeing more of her as well

Toro , I really thought he would do right by the end of the movie , aka Lando Calrissian , well , maybe next movie

Overall I've enjoyed both Force Awakens and Last Jedi ,

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waterfield102December 21, 2017 08:12PM

  walked away from it thinking the same thing

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IowaRam108December 25, 2017 03:40PM

  I'm going today. . .

RAMbeau153December 20, 2017 07:07AM

  You should really cease with the gym replies...

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IowaRam114December 21, 2017 03:48PM

  Re: well...........

RAMbeau122December 21, 2017 04:01PM

  Carrie Fisher, and my most favorite thing about this new movie...

JamesJM115December 20, 2017 08:46PM

  Saw it yesterday. A bit bummed how Disney has done Luke.

Ramgator126December 22, 2017 04:04PM

  Out with the old and in with the new....

JamesJM101December 22, 2017 04:32PM

  When Luke asked Rey who she was, she SHOULD'VE replied.....

Ramgator125December 22, 2017 05:33PM

  Finally saw it

IowaRam137December 25, 2017 08:27AM

  Disappointed.... spoilers inside..

sstrams115December 26, 2017 03:33AM

  The Skywalker saga will be coming to a end after episode IX

IowaRam122December 27, 2017 03:00PM

  Well, my question is...

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  Re: Well, my question is...

IowaRam121December 27, 2017 05:42PM

  Rebellions are built on hope

IowaRam110December 28, 2017 08:22AM

  Star Wars , nothing but Star Wars !!!

IowaRam77January 01, 2018 01:13PM