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Saw it yesterday. A bit bummed how Disney has done Luke.

December 22, 2017 04:04PM
TOTAL opposite of Luke's mentality in his prior SW flicks. Heartbreaking to see Carrie Fisher. Had many more scenes than I thought there'd be. LOLOLOL Kylo Ren is soooo hard to take serious after seeing Under Cover Boss on SNL.

Overall........ok flick. My biggest question.......$78.30 for 5 regular popcorns and 6 reg Cokes???????????????????????

  Today's the day... Star Wars... (mostly about 3D)

JamesJM318December 19, 2017 11:47AM

  Not a review..

JamesJM165December 19, 2017 07:28PM

  Me waiting for the movie to start.. and my review... Attachments

JamesJM211December 19, 2017 07:58PM

  Is that lady behind you

waterfield127December 21, 2017 08:12PM

  walked away from it thinking the same thing

Ramsrule162December 25, 2017 11:41AM

  what might be my favorite scene

IowaRam142December 25, 2017 03:40PM

  I'm going today. . .

RAMbeau199December 20, 2017 07:07AM

  You should really cease with the gym replies...

JamesJM139December 20, 2017 04:20PM


IowaRam146December 21, 2017 03:48PM

  Re: well...........

RAMbeau150December 21, 2017 04:01PM

  Carrie Fisher, and my most favorite thing about this new movie...

JamesJM151December 20, 2017 08:46PM

  Saw it yesterday. A bit bummed how Disney has done Luke.

Ramgator156December 22, 2017 04:04PM

  Out with the old and in with the new....

JamesJM140December 22, 2017 04:32PM

  When Luke asked Rey who she was, she SHOULD'VE replied.....

Ramgator171December 22, 2017 05:33PM

  Finally saw it

IowaRam191December 25, 2017 08:27AM

  Disappointed.... spoilers inside..

sstrams156December 26, 2017 03:33AM

  The Skywalker saga will be coming to a end after episode IX

IowaRam160December 27, 2017 03:00PM

  Well, my question is...

sstrams122December 27, 2017 04:55PM

  Re: Well, my question is...

IowaRam149December 27, 2017 05:42PM

  Rebellions are built on hope

IowaRam175December 28, 2017 08:22AM

  Star Wars , nothing but Star Wars !!!

IowaRam111January 01, 2018 01:13PM