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My thinking on this. . . .

November 23, 2017 11:27AM
The Americanization of "foreign" originated foods has led to this imbalance of real and fake. Examples are Taco Bell and Olive Garden.

The reason being. . . they've destroyed our taste buds. They are loaded up with salt, flavorizers, tenderizers, chemicals we can't even pronounce and fats, together causing an overstatement of tastes to create an illusion of delicious. Culinary smoke and mirrors.

Whereas, the originals are simple, fresh and healthy ingredients. The way food was intended to be. But those flavors have been diminished. And unfortunately less marketable.


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  Italian Restaurants just don't make it in NW Iowa

IowaRam238November 21, 2017 02:04PM

  Restaurants?? MEH!!! I make my own Italian dishes.

Ramgator66November 22, 2017 03:12PM

  Re: Restaurants?? MEH!!! I make my own Italian dishes.

Anonymous User84November 23, 2017 03:56AM

  I LOVE Chef Boy R D ravioli!

sstrams66November 23, 2017 05:02AM

  Re: I LOVE Chef Boy R D ravioli!

73Ram70November 23, 2017 06:28AM

  Olive Garden....

sstrams118November 23, 2017 08:03AM

  Re: Olive Garden....

73Ram94November 23, 2017 09:29AM

  My thinking on this. . . .

RAMbeau101November 23, 2017 11:27AM


ScRAM81November 24, 2017 12:04PM

  Call it crazy but thanks to my Mom......

Ramgator76November 25, 2017 04:12PM

  Somewhat well traveled...

JamesJM108November 23, 2017 08:25AM


ScRAM80November 24, 2017 12:02PM


sstrams103November 24, 2017 01:42PM

  Re: Mexican...

ScRAM98November 24, 2017 06:03PM

  Oh man...

sstrams76November 25, 2017 05:57AM

  More info on Chinese food

Drew283954November 30, 2017 04:43PM

  I KNOOOW my Italian food because I have been to Rome itself!

Ramgator70November 28, 2017 09:50AM

  Re: I KNOOOW my Italian food because I have been to Rome itself!

73Ram65November 28, 2017 11:31AM

  Paris is in Texas...

sstrams79November 28, 2017 01:02PM

  Re: Paris is in Texas...

73Ram74November 28, 2017 01:13PM

  No, its always been there.... Attachments

sstrams81November 28, 2017 02:03PM

  Re: No, its always been there....

73Ram61November 29, 2017 02:11AM

  Shoot, '73....

sstrams61November 29, 2017 03:14AM

  Re: Shoot, '73....

73Ram62November 30, 2017 02:08AM


sstrams65November 30, 2017 05:35AM

  Re: Surprised...

73Ram50December 02, 2017 06:59AM

  Frank we need to help these people

ferragamo7967December 01, 2017 04:40PM

  That had to be fantastic....

JamesJM72December 01, 2017 07:11PM

  In a way I was, Todd . . .

RAMbeau56December 02, 2017 06:22AM