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Thanksgiving and electric roasters

November 15, 2017 02:03PM
Nothing quite as memorable as a non-working stove. But whenever I think of electric turkey roasters I think of my grandmother. Growing up my Thanksgiving recollections were centered around dinner at her place and each year she cooked the turkey in one. Her kitchen was small and so it was out on top of the washing machine. And it was always perfect. Remembering how good it was I even bought one a few years back but she who must be obeyed refuses to use it. We seldom have Thanksgiving at home anymore because my daughter-in-law wants all the kids to be up north with her family. So we drive up there. However, Thanksgiving to them is standing in line- like homeless-behind Marie Callendars for a entire packaged Turkey dinner. (I don't think anyone in that family enjoys cooking) Hopefully, no one there reads this. But UGGGGH!

This year they -we included-are all off to Vegas. A wonderful place to spend Thanksgiving. Double UGGGGH !!

  A Thanksgiving to Remember

MamaRAMa168November 15, 2017 10:11AM

  Thanksgiving and electric roasters

waterfield85November 15, 2017 02:01PM

  Thanksgiving and electric roasters

waterfield91November 15, 2017 02:03PM

  not a single memory........

21Dog77November 17, 2017 03:55AM

  good post, 21...

JamesJM73November 17, 2017 04:08AM