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Agree... but i'm taking them...

November 04, 2017 06:16AM
I think Tulare takes Valley. Agree, however, they have to play better defense than last night BUT.... they've been good this year.

Over to Reedley today for a game at 1... Reedley vs West Hills.... then a rush to Madera Ranchos where our Jr's play Ranchos in their first playoff game. Lost to them in a close game earlier this year but I think we're quite a bit stronger today... but then, Madera probably is as well.

  good grief, 21Dog (local football)

JamesJM215November 03, 2017 09:28PM

  game was on local TV

21Dog70November 04, 2017 04:30AM

  Agree... but i'm taking them...

JamesJM80November 04, 2017 06:16AM