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My year from hell continues.

October 12, 2017 07:43AM
I won't make this long... some of you have read my problems this year with breakdowns, vehicles - refrigerator - TV - boat - the list is absurdly long.

So now... SONY.... My TV went out about 3 months ago. Bought a new one, a Sony. The Sony went out two weeks ago, (about). 3 hours on the phone with customer service... and 4 different phone calls to different Sony departments... they agreed to send me another. It arrived two days ago... plugged it in... nothing. Back on the phone.. and yes... another 3 hours and that IS NOT AN EXAGGERATION. Same thing, they want to send me another... so...

I'm trying to get a refund. Guess what? The 'refund' department is tough to find... I suspect it's in the basement of the old Macy's building in downtown Emporia, Kansas thru the door blocked by 6 filing cabinets and a sign on the window saying, "Beware of Leopard" (Another Adams reference).

I've said it before and I'll say it again, and again, and again.... they make nothing but junk these days. There ARE no quality companies remaining in the world. I have a motorola black and white TV... from the 50's, that still works. I have a refrigerator from the 50's, a GE, that still works. I have a 60's pickup that burns a little oil but still runs. Nothing I bought after 1980 is working today. Hell... nothing I bought before 2017 is working. - JamesJM

  My year from hell continues.

JamesJM132October 12, 2017 07:43AM


IowaRam58October 12, 2017 01:57PM