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Here's the patch for ya

October 03, 2017 05:24PM
The original 1970's patch that came on the jackets


I actually thought about using this patch instead

for like a half a second ,

although I do really liked this patch , but it would have defeated the purpose of making the jacket in the first place


but I did order this patch as well , just not sure what I'll use it one just yet......................lol


  Making my own 1970's Los Angeles Rams varsity jacket

IowaRam223September 30, 2017 07:48AM

  you may have just started a business lol

Atlantic Ram49September 30, 2017 09:43AM

  make me one

ferragamo7941October 03, 2017 05:03PM

  Here's the patch for ya

IowaRam48October 03, 2017 05:24PM

  I still have my knit cap. Got it along with jacket....

Ramgator38October 04, 2017 04:29AM