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May 01, 2017 09:32PM
Not sure the Dodgers are hard enough to make the difficult call. They say that with Guiterrez and Forsythe coming back there is no room for Bellinger. Not so. Gonzales needs to sit down on the DL whether he wants to or not. By leaving it up to him he's hurting the Dodgers. Utley is done. So the difficulty is that the two most respected Dodgers need to get off the field. Tough but still the call has to be made. But are the Dodgers New York tough or So Cal soft.? Sure they got close last year but this year it looks a lot different-especially the right side of the infield. I get the Gonzales respect. He deserves it. He's my favorite. But he's hurting the team and if he's responsible for Bellinger going down he's hurting them even more. Time to be hard-otherwise we may see some heads roll at the end of this season.


waterfield350May 01, 2017 09:32PM

  Gonzalez' contract is a huge hangup

21Dog147May 02, 2017 03:02PM

  Re: Gonzalez' contract is a huge hangup

waterfield145May 02, 2017 03:47PM

  you mean like they have done with

ferragamo79133May 04, 2017 07:30AM