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April 17, 2017 09:31AM
I don't remember how long ago it was but I posted a School Kids do a Tool Cover". So I looked for it butI guess it was too long ago to post this in that thread.

So I have been trying to justify going to see Tool. But the tix are expensive. We just bought the lot I was talking about last year and so money is tight. But I want to see them while they are still sort of close to their prime. Other than Zeppelin reforming this is probably the only other band I would want to see at this point. They are supposed to be extraordinary live.

Anyway, I found this while I was searching youtube for live shows. The drummer from Tool sits in with some kids and do a cover of the Pot at a restaurant or something. The sound is not very good but I just simply can't imagine what the kids are thinking. They will never forget it. And the fact that he takes it seriously. Something about the whole thing got me a bit watery-eyed. I think its the kids' effort and how well they play. They don't seem to miss a beat and they sound great job despite the poor audio quality from the iPhone. He seems like a good guy jut to do that. But after the song is over (there are a few of these because everyone there recorded it on their phone) he shakes hands with the guitarist and the bassist. Just seems like a genuinely good person.

I'm adding the original version which has an interesting short film. I will add it first so if anyone at all is interested they can hear what the original sounds like.



Atlantic Ram401April 17, 2017 09:31AM

  Never really..

sstrams118April 17, 2017 01:35PM

  Yes I get that

Atlantic Ram121April 18, 2017 06:32AM

  Man, I really appreciate that..

sstrams128April 18, 2017 08:13AM

  Videos aren't showing up for me lately ADMINS is there something I need to do

LesBaker146April 17, 2017 06:23PM

  I think you have to use Google Chrome

IowaRam141April 17, 2017 07:25PM

  Re: Videos aren't showing up for me lately ADMINS is there something I need to do

sstrams109April 18, 2017 03:14AM