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Same with jet skis....

April 06, 2017 02:59AM
Just last year had to overhaul it and rebuild the carbs, clean the gas tank from debris, replace the pumps, hoses, and whatnot.. the oil injection lines had literally split in two underneath the carbs, so had we not pulled the carbs, that thing would have seized and been completely worthless.. But wait.. it was just running the week before... Who would have known so much could go wrong so quickly..

Getting parts wasn't too bad.. except the oil injection lines.. Nobody made them.. So, I went to a local boat repair shop owned by a guy I went to school with since second grade - he did not remember me - and he figured out an alternate hose to us...

Anyways, was running great by the end of the summer.. then had to winterize it.. can't wait to see what's broken this year and has to be replaced while sitting in the garage all winter..

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JamesJM277April 05, 2017 03:43PM

  I used to work at a Marine dealer

Atlantic Ram105April 05, 2017 04:07PM

  Well, it's running...

JamesJM99April 05, 2017 04:19PM

  Same with jet skis....

sstrams88April 06, 2017 02:59AM

  contact Bass Pro Shops

JoeMad93April 06, 2017 06:32AM

  I'll give it a try, Joe... but frankly...

JamesJM82April 06, 2017 11:27AM

  BOAT is an acronym....

Rampage2K-100April 08, 2017 09:10PM

  It's like owning a horse

IowaRam97April 09, 2017 05:08AM