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you're much more patient that I would be....

March 08, 2017 04:15AM
especially after all you're going through.

You should only have to tell that pesky reporter "no" once. As someone who did that job once upon a time, I could relate to her. But I've had my fill of how the media does its job these days. It's as much about making news as it is reporting the news.


  Apparently I'm not as tough as I thought...

JamesJM288March 07, 2017 08:56AM

  Glad there's hope...

sstrams142March 07, 2017 09:33AM

  I'm hiring you as my PR guy.... Attachments

JamesJM158March 07, 2017 09:51AM

  They probably will

sstrams123March 07, 2017 10:11AM

  you're much more patient that I would be....

21Dog136March 08, 2017 04:15AM