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That's pretty tough

March 04, 2017 05:32PM
I like Steve Martin and he is also an actor. So in that sense he is my favorite actor. But not necessarily who I enjoy watching as an actor.

Clint Eastwood is my favorite Western actor and is probably my favorite. Jack Nicholson perhaps is the most interesting and is probably my favorite by default.

I like roles perhaps and the actors who made them. I like Tom Hanks a lot and his role in Forrest Gump despite parodied is fantastic IMO. Christopher Walken in the Deer Hunter is stellar but there aren't a lot of other roles I like him as much in. Woody Allen is a favorite. I can happily re-watch his movies but I think I like him more as a movie maker.

Have to choose one? Jack Nicholson

  Movies, this does not speak well of me....

JamesJM329March 04, 2017 08:45AM

  That's pretty tough

Atlantic Ram127March 04, 2017 05:32PM

  Hacksaw Ridge

MamaRAMa134March 04, 2017 06:14PM

  Saw it about 2 weeks ago.

Ramgator105March 06, 2017 03:20PM

  I have always said...

Ramgator111March 06, 2017 03:22PM


IowaRam112March 06, 2017 03:52PM


waterfield95March 06, 2017 04:13PM

  It's also the simple reason I hardly go to theaters anymore.

Ramgator95March 06, 2017 05:58PM

  Movies I saw in the theaters in 1976

ferragamo7992March 06, 2017 07:23PM

  what you think of the uss Indianapolis..........nm

IowaRam122March 06, 2017 04:30PM


Ramgator98March 06, 2017 05:49PM

  Have said it a few times...If not "Midway"...

Ramgator97March 06, 2017 05:51PM

  Has anyone seen uss Indianapolis..........?

sstrams97March 07, 2017 03:34AM

  Skip it

IowaRam106March 07, 2017 03:46AM

  OOOH!!! I thought you were talking about ANOTHER remake.

Ramgator98March 07, 2017 05:54AM

  How could they F that up?

sstrams103March 07, 2017 06:35AM

  Re: Movies, this does not speak well of me....

waterfield120March 04, 2017 09:04PM