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Yeah I believe placebos can..

March 04, 2017 02:12PM
actually make people feel like they are better.. the human mind is a powerful thing and a lot of healing comes from within.. not with me, but you know what I mean.. Hypnotism is supposed to be good for that, as well, but have never tried it.. I would be *shocked* if I could be put under - my mind is WAY to active and analytical, I think, of rather tot ever happen.. Then again, they may have me barking like a dog and hiking my leg in no time... smiling smiley

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  Anybody ever try cryotherapy?

sstrams244March 02, 2017 10:54AM

  I read about that today....

JamesJM105March 02, 2017 03:43PM

  Re: I read about that today....

sstrams111March 03, 2017 04:08AM

  saw this on the local news last night

21Dog108March 02, 2017 09:05PM

  Yeah 21 its becoming more popular..

sstrams109March 03, 2017 04:10AM

  When I fell off my bike, as a kid...

Ramgator130March 03, 2017 11:55AM


sstrams118March 03, 2017 06:30PM

  You know... that's interesting - "Placebo's" that is..

JamesJM115March 04, 2017 08:49AM

  Yeah I believe placebos can..

sstrams109March 04, 2017 02:12PM