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Never had the talent...

January 03, 2017 02:48PM
that's an 'art' I do not have talent for. I wish I did.

When I was a kid many of the kids I grew up with put together models... mostly WWII aircraft, (a passion of mine).. and they were beautiful. I couldn't do it... couldn't get the hang of the 'glue'... soon as I opened the tube it was everywhere.. and not just the model itself... the walls, the table, the floor, my hands for the next month or so... just can't do it.

While I'm at this... had a friend who used to collect WWII and I, aircraft prints then get them signed by pilots who actually flew them... sometimes the specific plane in the print matching the pilot. He was a WWII Vet but not a pilot... he was a mechanic. His collection was sublime. I even helped him once... getting Chuck Yeager, (who I knew at the time), to sign one of his prints.

I lost track of him many years ago.. then heard he had passed away a few years ago.... I only hope that whomever inherited those prints appreciates their value... and I don't mean $. - JamesJM

  Received an awesome model kit for Christmas!

Ramgator285January 03, 2017 02:22PM

  Never had the talent...

JamesJM123January 03, 2017 02:48PM

  Just takes a lot of practice.

Ramgator122January 03, 2017 05:21PM

  Gator you need to post..

sstrams139January 03, 2017 03:38PM

  Hey sst.. good place to bring this up... I like bragging...

JamesJM134January 03, 2017 03:50PM

  NO FRIGGIN WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ramgator162January 03, 2017 05:23PM


JamesJM131January 03, 2017 05:31PM

  You flew in all those? I'm reporting your post..

sstrams123January 04, 2017 04:25AM

  Re: You flew in all those? I'm reporting your post..

IowaRam206January 04, 2017 07:24AM

  I have flown in.....

Ramgator114January 04, 2017 07:35AM

  My DREAM flight????

Ramgator140January 04, 2017 07:36AM


sstrams143January 04, 2017 07:56AM

  For some reason...

Ramgator124January 04, 2017 10:03AM

  The scariest ride on Earth..

sstrams150January 04, 2017 07:54AM

  Yes I do.

Ramgator120January 03, 2017 05:22PM

  Re: Gator you need to post..

IowaRam174January 04, 2017 07:32AM

  Ah, the Dr.1..

sstrams124January 04, 2017 07:55AM