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Re: For what its worth..

January 02, 2017 11:35PM

  Just for you, 'Gator.... Attachments

sstrams121January 02, 2017 09:22AM

  Thanks for reminding me....

JamesJM21January 02, 2017 10:58AM

  For what its worth..

sstrams21January 02, 2017 11:56AM

  Re: For what its worth..

Atlantic Ram18January 02, 2017 11:35PM

  Torn between two replies!

Ramgator18January 03, 2017 04:17AM

  My problem with Reese.

Ramgator24January 03, 2017 04:21AM

  Seems like any and all of those calls..

sstrams16January 03, 2017 05:29AM

  I have a Reese Witherspoon (sp?), story...

JamesJM16January 03, 2017 02:01PM

  She's great in Southernesque roles.

Ramgator13January 03, 2017 02:17PM

  I still don't know...

JamesJM13January 03, 2017 02:23PM

  I will say, great Actors are hard to find. I blame Hollywood.

Ramgator16January 03, 2017 05:25PM

  Ehhh, I wouldn't know...

JamesJM17January 03, 2017 05:31PM

  Watched a good example last night...."The Others" with Nicole Kidman.

Ramgator21January 04, 2017 10:09AM