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Ok, I can see that... but....

August 06, 2016 05:12PM
what was that all about anyway? I didn't get it... well, other than your observation.

I'm not sure that women's volleyball players, and men, aren't the most amazing athletes of all. Some of their 'digs' defy description, not to mention 'physics'. I retain the right to reassess this opinion after the gymnastics.

  My Opening Ceremonies Review...

JamesJM454August 05, 2016 09:17PM

  I really liked...

sstrams248August 06, 2016 05:02AM

  The best part

waterfield258August 06, 2016 10:21AM

  Ok, I can see that... but....

JamesJM228August 06, 2016 05:12PM

  Wasn't she..

sstrams244August 07, 2016 03:50AM

  Air rifle

LesBaker240August 06, 2016 06:20PM

  At first I thought it was paint balls

IowaRam253August 06, 2016 06:37PM