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Good Lord! I Most Certainly...

August 05, 2016 11:01AM
...Do Remember That Post!

I was mortified. Back in those days the internet was still new to a lot of us and pranksters would prank! 3 things I always liked to post about was the Rams, Music, and beautiful Ladies. Still have that passion, by the way. winking smiley

Anyway, when I would post a pic of a hottie, I would put a little description in the subject line. That day I decided to post a pic of a young Heather Locklear who I always loved from afar. So I came up with the phase "The Original Hottie", typed it into the subject field, linked the image and pushed send. I think a lot of the guys back then enjoyed my posts of the beauties of the fairer sex. Some probably didn't but I never got any negative feedback stating that. As we all do, I went off to do errands and other things for a couple hours or so. When I got back home and checked back in, the whole post blew up in quite a different way that usual. So when I opened it up to see what the commotion was, the picture had morphed into, well let's say - something very unnatural for a certain part of the human anatomy! I was so freakin' embarrassed and terrified of what I had unknowingly unleashed on my Herd Brothers & Sisters! The pranksters of the internet somehow made that picture morph into the unspeakable thing that it ended up being, when you would link or embed the picture of Heather, to a website or message board!

And that was the birth of the legend of the infamous "The Original Hottie" post. Also known, in it's shorten version, the "OH" post. Those that had it imprinted in their brains will never forget it and it remains to this day a post of both Humor and Horror! LOL! ... winking smiley

The only thing that still baffles me to this day, is how it managed to stay up for as long as it did until I say what happened! winking smiley Hahahaha... I remember my earnest and heartfelt apologies I had to make to the Admins back on that day! I think we all learned a thing or two that day and somehow we all knew that we wouldn't be able to look at the world the same again...

That's how I remember it anyway! smiling smiley

Later my Friends...


  It never fails, DTV hits it out of the park again.......

RAM23618July 14, 2016 05:37AM

  oh snap.....

Ramsrule304July 14, 2016 07:03AM

  AH HA... that explains it...

JamesJM387July 14, 2016 07:07AM

  Ah yes... the JamesJM Direct TV wars continue...

sstrams350July 14, 2016 07:11AM

  That was the best thread ever

LesBaker329July 14, 2016 08:31AM

  Ah... good times...

sstrams334July 14, 2016 08:33AM

  I will never let RamRock forget that

LesBaker326July 14, 2016 08:57AM

  No, Les, cuz knowing RamRock I'm sure..

sstrams355July 14, 2016 09:00AM

  It's not easy

LesBaker335July 14, 2016 09:09AM

  Can't say I remember that one...

sstrams368July 14, 2016 10:09AM

  Google it

LesBaker361July 16, 2016 07:28AM

  If its the...

sstrams334July 16, 2016 08:44AM

  That's the one

LesBaker306July 16, 2016 11:40AM

  I'll have to remember that..

sstrams348July 16, 2016 12:06PM

  All you need to say is

LesBaker328July 16, 2016 01:22PM

  Good Lord! I Most Certainly...

Ram Rock321August 05, 2016 11:01AM

  I dunno how I missed that one...

sstrams301August 05, 2016 11:06AM

  No, You Didn't Want To See That Post...

Ram Rock326August 05, 2016 11:19AM

  Now that was worth viewing...!

sstrams325August 05, 2016 12:55PM

  Re: Now that was worth viewing...!

Ram Rock294August 05, 2016 05:52PM

  That's pretty much it

LesBaker286August 05, 2016 01:48PM

  BandT For Sure But I Think Wv...

Ram Rock308August 05, 2016 05:55PM

  You aren't fooling anyone

LesBaker312August 06, 2016 02:14PM

  LMAO! I wish I could throw.....

RAM23332July 15, 2016 05:30AM

  hmmmmm.....they came out for install

ferragamo79295July 22, 2016 01:34PM

  LMAO - now come on Jimmy

RamUK322July 23, 2016 09:15AM

  Like I mentioned in my......

RAM23361July 15, 2016 05:23AM

  Always good to see ya, 23.......!

sstrams299July 16, 2016 08:45AM

  Same here sst, I'm always.....

RAM23310July 17, 2016 05:09AM

  20 Years For Me Now 23! DirecTV is...

Ram Rock299August 05, 2016 11:11AM

  We probably signed up about......

RAM23311August 06, 2016 06:11AM

  Good To Hear From You...

Ram Rock281August 06, 2016 11:24AM

  Re: Good To Hear From You...

RAM23369August 07, 2016 04:50AM

  Sounds Like You Found...

Ram Rock269August 07, 2016 06:40PM

  hey RR

21Dog297August 07, 2016 04:59AM


Ram Rock277August 07, 2016 08:15AM

  Re: HeyBrother!...

21Dog253August 08, 2016 05:14AM