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Re: Niners missing both OTs

October 09, 2019 01:15PM
And we've just lost Matthews, who has been our only pass rush threat.

Fowler has been a bust, Ebukam just isn't getting it done

Really hope Obo is active this week.

  Niners missing both OTs

max276October 09, 2019 12:54PM

  Re: Niners missing both OTs

RDU85October 09, 2019 01:15PM

  Fowler has definitely not been a bust

Ram_Ruler85October 09, 2019 01:16PM

  Re Yeah I wish some of the fans could shake this loser mentality

Speed_Kills77October 09, 2019 01:25PM


Ram_Ruler32October 09, 2019 03:03PM

  Re: the backend was supposed to be a strength.

Speed_Kills27October 09, 2019 03:49PM

  Re: I don’t think that’s true

Speed_Kills58October 09, 2019 01:23PM

  Re: Niners missing both OTs

no name55October 09, 2019 01:25PM

  Re: Niners missing both OTs

Classicalwit29October 09, 2019 03:42PM