August 20, 2019 03:05AM
Found this information pretty interesting. Possibly a function of what the Raiders need is but also a testament to the player Joyner is currently.

TLDR: Joyner practicing exclusively as a slot corner.


It's what he was drafted to be, and what he excelled at. More strictly, he was a nickel safety. Remember that would make him the 5th DB on the field at a time when teams are in base defense less and less.

Wade moved him to FS but IMO he was never suited for that. He was always better playing underneath--a guy who could cover, play the run, blitz, and mix it up closer to the LOS.

That;s why I always thought he was a better player with Wms than with Wade.

The fact that he would be their nickel was announced the second the Raiders signed him.


Michael Gehlken@GehlkenNFL
Mar 13, 2019
Raiders plan to lean heavily on new safety Lamarcus Joyner as nickel cornerback, a role he occupied early in Rams career. Joyner also will see reps at safety. But he’s expected to be primary option at nickel

  Former Rams: Joyner a nickel corner with the Raiders

cool_hand_luke297August 19, 2019 11:22PM

  that's what he was for the Rams too

zn124August 20, 2019 03:05AM

  Re: that's what he was for the Rams too

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  Re: that's what he was for the Rams too

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