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I just think he was undervalued

June 12, 2019 07:19AM
David Deacon
Robert Woods had plenty of question marks about him when the Rams signed him to what was though of as a big deal. .

To be honest? And this is just my view. I don't think Woods had a single legit question mark at the time they signed him. I just think that he had modest production in a Buffalo offense that was 31st and 32nd in passing attempts the last 2 years he was there. Buffalo also tended to feature S.Watkins, who was there before Woods and on top of it Watkins was a first rounder they had traded up for (giving up a 1st round pick in the process). I think that all just led him to being less "name brand." But when Watkins missed a few games in a row, Woods came through and his production went right up.

The flip side of outperforming your contract is that you are underpaid for what you are.

And I don't think Woods changed when he came to the Rams. I think he got an opportunity, and took good advantage of it. And yes there were some people saying in 2017, before the season, that he was capable of that.

Here are some telling numbers from Buffalo, 2016. Watkins was out for games 3-9. (Their bye week was week 10.) Woods played games 1-13. In the 6 games with Watkins playing, Woods averaged 3.3 targets per game. In the games Woods played with Watkins out, RW averaged 8 targets per game. So he more than doubled his targets when Watkins was out. With Watkins playing too, Woods averaged 25 yards a game. Without Watkins, he averaged 66 yards a game. I think that at the time, that already indicated he could reach a 70 catches/1000 yards standard with the Rams...which he did in 2018 (86/1219). (He missed games hurt in 2017....with the same numbers extrapolated, if he had played all 16 games in 2017 he would have gotten 81/1136).


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  Out performing your contract that is the goal.

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  I just think he was undervalued

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