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Re: Not so sure about that

June 10, 2019 05:35AM
I think that completely depends. They have a franchise qb. That already puts them in a better position than teams that don't. He's young and will improve, so what would one off year mean? If it's due to injury you don't even hesitate on that (depending on the injury)---look at Wentz. If he levels off in terms of performance (which I do not regard as likely) then do you really just start over when you have guys like Donald and Woods in prime years? I doubt it.

I don't think any of this is conditional.

I think he would have to be caught planting terrorist bombs in grade schools for them to think twice.

In the event of minor injury or leveling off in performance, I agree that his deal would largely be unaffected. Depending on why he falls apart.

But if completely face-planted and had an awful year, I firmly believe that one horrible year would give them pause. I can't say how things would ultimately turn out but the deal would be affected IMO.

That's probably likely. If he collapses like a house of cards, it would influence contract talks.

I just don't expect that to happen. Since the new CBA and the new 2nd contract regimen, we tend to know before the contract comes up how it looks. If a guy has issues, even nagging minor ones, it's clear. If a guy is going to get signed to the standard top 2nd contract, that's pretty obvious too. I don't think I have seen anyone just fall completely apart on his own, when the status quo or normal progress was expected.

Usually when you expect normal progress and the qb then just falls apart, there are contextual things that account for it. Like the difference between Bulger in 2006 and 2007. In 2007, the Rams OL famously had a long and terrible list of injuries, and they took Bulger down with them. IF the 2019 Rams have the some kind of multiple serial OL issues, it would most likely have an effect on Goff. (BTW I want to assure you that I did the usual/traditional anti-jinx rituals before typing that last sentence.)


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