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Re: Well, Rams D players are not as good as we thought; next year...

January 11, 2019 08:42AM
I don't think our D players are nearly as good as some of us thought.

Peters, for instance is NOT a press man CB; he's a cover corner and needs to play "off".
Suh, I don't know. I see an above average NFL DT at this point in his career, but not much more. Certainly vastly overpaid.
Brockers is better than he's given credit for, but he's not an elite player. Just look at the stats for a 3-4 DE and he's in the top tier.
Joyner is average at best as a FS. He has good but not great speed, but his small size is a disadvantage.
Our ILBs are too light if we don't have a NT that can control 2 gaps.

Fowler was a definite upgrade, although he's nowhere near elite. Ekuban is really just a good reserve/borderline starter quality OLB.

I think we'll see some changes next year.

1) Joyner gone and replaced by John Johnson at FS.
2) Barron moves back to SS.
3) Suh gone and a big true 2 gap NT is brought in.
4) A good solid run stopping and zone covering ILB with some sand in his pants is brought in.
5) We need to keep Fowler at the right price and go get a good pass rush OLB.
6) Franklin-Meyers will be a starter next year at DE.

Bottom line: Wade is going to have to scheme his pants off in the playoffs. He's certainly capable.

On Peters, he is exactly who we thought he was. When they traded for him we knew he was an off coverage CB and was elite at that. Why Wade suddenly had this revelation during the season is a mystery to me.

The good thing is, Peters is an entirely different CB when Talib is locking up the #1 WR.

As for changes next year, I agree with most and would add one.

#2: No Barron at SS. Too much money for a failed SS. If they're gonna spend $10M on the position, go get HaHa Dix or Landin Collins.

#3: It's been stated many times but Wade doesn't do 2 gap NTs. Ever. But I do think Suh is gone and they replace him with a big body via the draft.

#6: I agree with Franklin-Myers stepping in. That will require Brockers moving out. I wouldn't be surprised to see him as a cut because he's paid too much, like Suh, with even less production. I just can't agree that he's better than he's been given credit for.

  No one's talking about Wade

promomasterj413January 10, 2019 12:55PM

  Re: No one's talking about Wade

Classicalwit123January 10, 2019 03:15PM

  Re: No one's talking about Wade

303089January 10, 2019 05:41PM

  I like Wade but our D has been pathetic most of the season.

Ramgator64January 10, 2019 06:08PM

  Well, Rams D players are not as good as we thought; next year...

RockRam91January 11, 2019 04:10AM

  I think the first line of your post says it......

21Dog76January 11, 2019 05:01AM

  Re: Well, Rams D players are not as good as we thought; next year...

303055January 11, 2019 05:21AM

  Re: Well, Rams D players are not as good as we thought; next year...

dzrams32January 11, 2019 08:42AM

  Wade's job is simple

LMU9391January 11, 2019 04:16AM

  I would say..

sstrams71January 11, 2019 05:09AM

  Re: I would say..

RAMbler43January 11, 2019 07:01AM

  About Wade...

Rams4338January 11, 2019 07:43AM

  I don't think it's Wade...

sstrams35January 11, 2019 10:19AM

  Re: I don't think it's Wade...

MamaRAMa48January 11, 2019 10:25AM

  I know, right?

sstrams34January 11, 2019 10:36AM