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Pass Blocking...

December 05, 2018 07:14AM
....Malcolm Brown was a really good back up RB, pass blocker and special teams player.

We do not need Khalil Mack wrecking Jared Goff as one of these guys did not pick up a blitz, etc......

  John Kelly has great opportunity with the Rams...

Rams43549December 05, 2018 03:49AM

  the backup RBs

LMU93182December 05, 2018 03:59AM

  Re: you mean Davis has been active 8 games

Speed_Kills146December 05, 2018 04:39AM

  Re: Rams kept 4 RB's for a reason.....They are all GOOD.

oldschoolramfan115December 05, 2018 05:08AM

  Re: you mean Davis has been active 8 games

max99December 05, 2018 05:12AM

  Re: think woods

leafnose88December 05, 2018 11:34AM

  Re: I hope not leafnose

Speed_Kills53December 05, 2018 11:46AM

  Re: couldn't agree more, Speed

leafnose43December 06, 2018 07:08AM

  Re: you mean Davis has been active 8 games

RinconRam85December 05, 2018 07:02AM


RAMbler61December 05, 2018 07:53AM


wv ram126December 05, 2018 07:06AM

  Pass Blocking...

ramsfaninmd123December 05, 2018 07:14AM

  Re: Pass Blocking...

den-the-coach99December 05, 2018 07:25AM

  If Pass Blocking is the concern, then....

RAMbler98December 05, 2018 07:59AM

  They are near the top against thr run....nm

roman1865December 05, 2018 08:01AM


RAMbler74December 05, 2018 08:11AM

  Re: Quick routes, buch sets and Jet-Sweep........

oldschoolramfan75December 05, 2018 11:42AM

  Re: Turnovers

21Dog68December 05, 2018 11:57AM