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niners with a bullet

December 05, 2018 02:29PM
lol... no pun intended maybe.

Feel more sorry for the pat fans and living the lie... but they know deep down just can't admit it...

Not really a fan of the Redskins but mostly fan related. Saints would specifically be Haslett related. And Cowboys just a bunch of reasons already mentioned I'm sure.

But niners... i don't like them... deep down dislike.... many many reasons...

I would probably be a Broncos fan if not a Ram but I don't follow them at all and barely know a thing about them... never an Elway fan FWIW. Chargers and Colts are OK but I know very little about them.

  Teams I hate and don’t hate

max353December 04, 2018 12:04PM

  Re: Teams I hate and don’t hate

21Dog98December 04, 2018 03:16PM

  niners with a bullet

Atlantic Ram17December 05, 2018 02:29PM

  Re: Teams I hate and don’t hate

Ramkind54December 04, 2018 04:01PM

  how Bout dem Cowboys?

JoeMad66December 04, 2018 04:23PM

  Re: how Bout dem Cowboys?

Rampage2K-49December 04, 2018 04:51PM

  Cowboy fans are extremely..

sstrams24December 05, 2018 07:38AM

  Only a few

NewMexicoRam46December 04, 2018 07:31PM

  Great topic

stlramz53December 04, 2018 08:06PM


Hazlet Hacksaw29December 05, 2018 02:36AM

  Re: Teams I hate and don’t hate

bigjimram2129December 05, 2018 03:00AM

  Re: Teams I hate and don’t hate

JYB30December 05, 2018 03:56AM

  Re: Only a few that I hate for me

Speed_Kills32December 05, 2018 04:51AM

  2 surprises here...

max41December 05, 2018 05:08AM


ramsfaninmd29December 05, 2018 07:21AM

  my list is pretty small

LMU9325December 05, 2018 10:13AM

  Re: Teams I hate and don’t hate

RAMSINCE ARNETT22December 05, 2018 07:33AM

  Re: Teams I hate and don’t hate

BoiseRam14December 05, 2018 10:01AM

  Panthers and Falcons

Rams_8118December 05, 2018 10:05AM

  Re: Teams I hate and don’t hate

RAMbler15December 05, 2018 10:12AM

  Re: Teams I hate and don’t hate

NJRam71519December 05, 2018 10:19AM

  The teams and QB`s that kill my bets...

PaulButcher5925December 05, 2018 10:21AM

  Re: Teams I hate and don’t hate

Schuylkill Ram17December 05, 2018 02:09PM

  All 31... it's just a difference of degrees

EternalHorns15December 05, 2018 04:57PM

  I hate Dean Spanos and the Chargers

Deadhead Ram18December 05, 2018 05:52PM

  Funny...I have always sorta liked the Eagles but HATE their fan base.

Ramgator8December 06, 2018 03:37AM

  I hate them all, just some more than others!

Ramboni6December 06, 2018 04:11AM