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Re: That's fair...

November 10, 2017 02:35PM
Blue and Gold
Exactly. I can't understand why Smith is so maligned by Rams fans.

It's a valid point that he lost his LT position pretty quickly but he also had some decent performance for a year or two as a RT. I'll take any good production over none...

He clearly turned out as a sub par pick. But worst ever? I'm not seeing it.

because I do think his desire could be question after his injuries. But I don't know about worst, to me, gotta be Lawrence Phillips, bu Smith is right there with Greg Robinson.

Part of it was both Smith and G-Rob were the "supreme physical specimens" and supposed both had mean streak. They were supposed to be the left tackle for a decade. With Smith we didn't see the knee injury than cemented in our minds he was hurt. Maybe kind of a concussion dismissal bias by all of us Rams fans

I dunno, just spitballing here.

I do recall his desire was questioned.

But in fairness to him, GRob has also had his desire and love of football questioned which is even worse. At least in Smith's case, a guy lost his desire after being hurt several times. IOW, there is some logical reason there.

There is a lot of similarity between Smith and GRob for all of the reasons you list. Ultimately, I don't have too much of a problem with Smith being there with GRob. I just can't grasp his being ranked worse.

I mentioned an especially serious neck injury that led to Smith being carted off the field. It was scary at the time.

Word is, that's the injury that led him to lose any heart for the game.

Wasn't injuries plural, it was that particular one.


  What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

jemach934November 10, 2017 07:05AM

  Re: What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

Rams43305November 10, 2017 07:11AM

  I thought of him...

jemach276November 10, 2017 07:39AM

  Could be my man Jaguar 43 I know you know

RAMSINCE ARNETT229November 11, 2017 04:57AM

  Re: What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

stlrams13335November 10, 2017 07:13AM

  yeah agree 13

ferragamo79256November 10, 2017 07:28AM

  trung not as bas as some of those

Blue and Gold234November 10, 2017 08:59AM

  Lawerence Phillips & Terry Baker NM

RAMSINCE ARNETT181November 11, 2017 04:50AM

  That's a good one...nm

jemach226November 10, 2017 07:40AM

  About Archuleta & Pickett

EternalHorns300November 10, 2017 08:14AM

  Re: About Archuleta & Pickett

stlrams13283November 10, 2017 08:18AM

  OK, that's fair

EternalHorns245November 10, 2017 08:30AM

  Re: OK, that's fair

21Dog278November 10, 2017 08:32AM

  Re: OK, that's fair

EternalHorns227November 10, 2017 08:34AM

  Re: OK, that's fair

JYB228November 10, 2017 09:46AM

  Re: OK, that's fair

EternalHorns229November 10, 2017 09:48AM

  In descending order: Robinson, Kennedy, Bradford.

guinnessram217November 10, 2017 10:02AM

  probably so

21Dog217November 10, 2017 01:39PM

  I agree, I liked AA

RamUK235November 10, 2017 08:23AM

  Re: About Archuleta & Pickett

Steve216November 10, 2017 09:38AM

  Pickett had some skills and was beginning to be good

Blue and Gold190November 10, 2017 11:16AM

  They were good players

Rams_81228November 10, 2017 02:45PM

  Lewis was 10 year player in NFL

Rams_81228November 10, 2017 02:46PM


EternalHorns200November 11, 2017 04:25AM

  Lewis was a bad pick

Rams_81193November 11, 2017 09:44AM

  Re: What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

EternalHorns251November 10, 2017 07:14AM

  Lawrence Phillips without hesitation....

RAMbler237November 10, 2017 07:22AM


wv ram228November 10, 2017 07:27AM

  Re: What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

Tony Romas230November 10, 2017 07:39AM

  Re: What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

Steve265November 10, 2017 07:40AM

  That would have been huge...

jemach211November 10, 2017 07:42AM

  I never made a pick for the Rams...

JamesJM221November 10, 2017 07:51AM

  Re: I never made a pick for the Rams...

zn256November 10, 2017 08:39AM

  It's obvious. Mike Wellman in 1979.

NewMexicoRam241November 10, 2017 07:52AM

  I think it's only fair when deciding on this

RamUK230November 10, 2017 08:22AM

  Phillips was one the best draft picks the Rams ever made

Deadpool262November 10, 2017 09:38AM

  Re: Phillips was one the best draft picks the Rams ever made

Steve242November 10, 2017 09:41AM


leafnose209November 10, 2017 05:12PM

  Re: Phillips was one the best draft picks the Rams ever made

NJRam715176November 11, 2017 06:35PM

  Eric Crouch

RinconRam253November 10, 2017 10:20AM

  Re: Eric Crouch

stlrams13226November 10, 2017 10:24AM

  Not even close

RamUK279November 10, 2017 10:28AM

  Re: Eric Crouch: He was a 3rd rder. Doesn't qualify.

guinnessram205November 10, 2017 10:30AM

  Re: Eric Crouch: He was a 3rd rder. Doesn't qualify.

RinconRam218November 10, 2017 12:01PM

  Travis Scott (nm)

BigGame81219November 10, 2017 10:29AM

  Re: What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

MamaRAMa227November 10, 2017 10:33AM

  Re: What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

Blue and Gold197November 10, 2017 11:30AM

  What do these players have in common?

RamUK223November 10, 2017 11:46AM

  They all....

JamesJM239November 10, 2017 11:50AM

  Come on James, it's obvious

RamUK211November 10, 2017 12:02PM

  Being serious

RamUK219November 10, 2017 12:04PM

  Yikes, yes... good catch....

JamesJM229November 10, 2017 12:06PM

  Re: Being serious

XXXIVwin193November 10, 2017 12:23PM

  Fair point

RamUK206November 10, 2017 01:04PM

  Re: Fair point

XXXIVwin200November 10, 2017 01:22PM

  Re: What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

Classicalwit216November 10, 2017 12:51PM

  Re: What is your "Worst Draft Pick in Rams History"?

Blue and Gold194November 10, 2017 01:49PM

  #2 - OTs Robinson & Smith...

SunTzu_vs_Camus211November 11, 2017 04:17AM

  Jason Smith...

alyoshamucci233November 10, 2017 12:04PM

  How can one 2nd overall pick who totally fails

RamUK251November 10, 2017 12:09PM

  Re: Even further...

dzrams203November 10, 2017 01:30PM

  And Jason Smith had concussion issues

Blue and Gold127November 10, 2017 01:37PM

  Re: And Jason Smith had concussion issues

zn202November 10, 2017 01:42PM

  Re: And Jason Smith had concussion issues

dzrams199November 10, 2017 01:56PM

  I am torn

Blue and Gold196November 10, 2017 02:01PM

  Re: That's fair...

dzrams198November 10, 2017 02:12PM

  Re: That's fair...

Blue and Gold225November 10, 2017 02:14PM

  Re: That's fair...

zn193November 10, 2017 02:35PM

  Re: That's fair...

dzrams201November 10, 2017 02:40PM

  Re: That's fair...

zn196November 10, 2017 02:54PM

  Lawrence Phillips

XXXIVwin215November 10, 2017 12:29PM

  The reasons Greg Robinson was so bad

Rams_81243November 10, 2017 02:47PM

  Re: The reasons Greg Robinson was so bad

XXXIVwin210November 10, 2017 03:07PM


DaJudge193November 15, 2017 08:36AM

  I love the draft, so I have many that I hate or I was upset with

Los Angeles Lenny229November 10, 2017 02:59PM

  Robert Thomas and my long list

Ram49210November 10, 2017 03:04PM

  Re: Robert Thomas and my long list

Los Angeles Lenny184November 10, 2017 03:06PM

  and adding on to my worst trades list

Los Angeles Lenny234November 10, 2017 03:19PM

  Just off the top of my head

six2stack247November 10, 2017 04:12PM

  Barry Redden, to me wasn't a bad pick

Blue and Gold210November 10, 2017 04:29PM

  And a player

Speedball89206November 10, 2017 06:36PM


Blue and Gold209November 10, 2017 08:09PM


Speedball89179November 10, 2017 08:26PM

  I looked it up

Speedball89201November 10, 2017 08:22PM

  Big Picture

Los Angeles Lenny204November 11, 2017 08:47AM

  Filpper was a separate thing

Blue and Gold215November 11, 2017 11:30AM

  Wow, now I really hate the trade

Los Angeles Lenny197November 11, 2017 02:54PM

  Hurt a lot, but he was a good player

Blue and Gold194November 11, 2017 02:55PM

  Bell was a throw in

Speedball89223November 11, 2017 12:51PM

  Gill, too

Blue and Gold196November 11, 2017 01:20PM

  I remember Bell at ND but When Dickerson was rolling

Los Angeles Lenny198November 11, 2017 02:58PM

  Gotta remember, we went to Zampese offense in 87

Blue and Gold161November 11, 2017 03:07PM


Los Angeles Lenny193November 11, 2017 03:16PM

  Would love to have him now. to backup up Gurley

Blue and Gold205November 11, 2017 03:17PM

  yep, he would be great in today's game

Los Angeles Lenny200November 11, 2017 03:21PM

  jewrel thomas

Los Angeles Lenny213November 11, 2017 03:27PM

  Thomas is from my part of the state

21Dog192November 11, 2017 03:37PM

  So did he

Blue and Gold213November 11, 2017 03:41PM

  kinda think he ate himself out of the league nm

21Dog197November 11, 2017 04:40PM

  yeah, he ballooned in 81 or 82 or both

Blue and Gold202November 11, 2017 04:57PM

  Eddie Kennison

Hacksaw_64211November 11, 2017 03:44PM

  Ortmayer and the gang

Blue and Gold200November 11, 2017 05:01PM

  I gotta admit

Speedball89172November 11, 2017 05:07PM

  I drank kool aide, too. Conwell was going to be "Moose Johnston"

Blue and Gold214November 11, 2017 05:09PM

  Kennison did well his rookie season under Martz

Rams_81175November 12, 2017 05:06AM

  based on who they bypassed, I'd say Adam Carriker

LMU93177November 15, 2017 05:47AM

  Re: based on who they bypassed, I'd say Adam Carriker

Speedball89180November 15, 2017 10:44AM

  1st rounders: Mike Schad , LP, Tavon....

JoeMad180November 15, 2017 10:53AM