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Waldman on Goff

October 12, 2017 01:38AM
You need the videos from here....

Forget the box score, Jared Goff shined

Goff was 22-of-47 for 288 yards with an interception and a lost fumble. Forget the box score, the average depth of completed pass, and any report that says Goff isn't heading in the right direction. Goff passed the test and earns no less than a B+ from me; his team failed him.


Todd Gurley fumbled a touchdown away at the pylon. It was the difference in the game's outcome. The film is showing that Goff is making confident, accurate throws on difficult targets and often with pressure bearing down.

Goff may not be a future stud, but he's still causing those with biased processes to formulate reasons why he's not good. This is a ballsy throw that not only shows accuracy but also trust in his receiver to make the play in a tight high-low window with bad consequences if missed.

Detractors will say that it was a foolish throw, but they're often the same people that blow sunshine up the hind parts of players who the consensus has already proclaimed "good." This was a necessary throw and a good one.

Goff's vertical accuracy and footwork are superior to Carson Wentz, Jameis Winston, DeShaun Watson and maybe even Dak Prescott and Marcus Mariota.

Goff is more old-school from the pocket than Wentz, Mariota, and Watson, but it's also the reason why the Rams are using an offense with him under center. His feel in the pocket is decisive and poised.

While many analysts are short-sighted and bemoaning the interception and fumble as a "failed test," I'd rather examine how Goff responded to the strip sack in the previous series—a terrific play from Frank Clark against veteran tackle Andrew Whitworth that was no fault of Goff.

These two plays, the sack and subsequent offensive series for Goff tell me that the young quarterback has the goods to become a long-term starter in the NFL.

This kind of play despite a Gurley TD-turned-touchback and failures of Goff's line is a failed test for Goff against the Seahawks defense? Try again. Try harder.

Goff had the knockout blow served up to the Seahawks with this target of Cooper Kupp. White a difficult catch, it was a makeable catch and one Kupp has routinely made at Eastern Washington—and several of greater difficulty.

Goff brought the Seahawks to the brink the way Russell Wilson brought the Cardinals to the brink in his rookie opener. The way several long-term starters came back from adversity during rookie starts to put their teams in position to win the game.

If you're the same people who attacked Jeff Fisher's offense then you must acknowledge that this year is still Goff's rookie season. He hasn't started 16 games in the NFL. One thing that's certain, there's a marked difference with the way defenses are respected Goff and the passing game this season compared to last.

This touchdown run for Tavon Austin against a dime defense bent on stopping Goff is a great example. Last year, opponents dared Goff to beat them. They now know he will.

The more year-to-year continuity that Goff, his line, and coach Sean McVay can have together, the more layers we'll see with this offense that will make the Rams a dangerous unit.

Quarterback trades are difficult in many leagues, but if you are in a format where you can roll with Goff and trade away a well-known commodity for positions of need, I'd take the chance. Goff has the technical, conceptual, and emotional acumen to be a starter for a long time in this league. Last year was a perfect storm working against him.

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  Waldman on Goff

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  here are the vids

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  Yup. That 2nd one was beautiful!

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  looking off defenders

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  Good stuff

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  Re: Easy to see that GOFF is our QB of the future!

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  This post should come with a Warning

Rampage2K-80October 12, 2017 10:12AM

  "You must acknowledge that under Fisher this is Goff's rookie season.

guinnessram45October 12, 2017 03:24PM

  For one thing, Goff threw two picks, not one. Both bad.

Blue and Gold72October 12, 2017 03:25PM