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Culture and the Game

August 12, 2017 08:01PM
Really wanted to see it tonight, specifically from the offense.

Culture is going to be a work in process on that side of the ball. I really liked what I saw from the rookies. Everett looked like a man out there. Kupp made plays and looked like he belonged. Davis made a lot of rookie mistakes, but was the most dynamic RB on the field tonight. I want to see this crew jell, and it's going to take some time for that to happen, but there was a lot of individual effort from these kids tonight. Mix Sammy and Tavon into this and we might finally have the talent to strike fear for the first time in a very long time. The play calling was about as vanilla as you can get, but you have an entire team learning to work together under a new system and it isn't going to happen overnight. Goff got about as much time as I expected and it didn't bother me that they wanted to see Mannion put in the work that he did. He needs all he can get. Orlovsky is nothing but a camp arm and I do think we're wasting time with him.

One area of concern for me is our Oline depth. We have nothing behind our starters, and installing a new culture isn't fixing that. It's a problem.

The main point of my post is the actual culture I saw from the defense tonight. I'm pretty stoked. Gone is the "reckless and wild" defense I've become accustomed to. From starters to guys looking to make the squad, you could see the unity. You saw focus. We didn't make stupid penalties. We didn't make immature lunges to the QB. Guys swarmed to the ball without clobbering the receiver. It looked disciplined. Wade has quickly put his stamp on this team, and that culture is already apparent. The D is going to be very good.

Still, there is a lot of work to be done to get this car to go. A lot of sloppy football to be cleaned up. I do agree with many of those I've called "hand-wringers". Never disputed their points. We have a ways to go, and it's not all roses right now at all. I do stand by my points that we are far and ahead of where we were at this time a year ago. I don't feel I have to "carry the faith" as much as I believe in what is being worked on now. Instead of hanging on hope in guys that can't produce consistently, they need to let guys that are showing aptitude just go. We actually have those players now. Guys that catch and make plays. I saw that tonight.

Stupid play left points off the board tonight, no doubt. There were guys out there that should have impressed, and didn't. Felt a little icky having to rely on the D, yet again, to win a game, but I'll take it. At least it wasn't relying on an undrafted receiver's heroics to carry it home, it was a team win. Sure felt like we needed this one, and I'll take it.

  Culture and the Game

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