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Re: A lot of travel around that bye week

April 20, 2017 04:40PM
The Rams play the NFC East every three years (2017, 2020, 2023, etc.). In 2020 the teams they play at home this year (Was & Phi) will be away games and the teams they travel to this year (NYG & Dal) will be home games. So to answer your question: 2020 ... with a disclaimer. In 2018 & 2019 the Rams will play the team from the NFC East that finishes the same spot as the Rams. If the Rams and Giants both finish first (or both finish 2nd, etc.) they will play each other then, too. Whether that is home or away will depend on where they finish in their division. (The 1st and 3rd place teams will play @ the team from one division, the 2nd and 4th place teams will play @ the team from the other division. Too tired to look up which one is East and which one is West :-) )

The Rams also play the AFC East every 4 years. They played them last year so they will also play them again in 2020. The Jets and Patriots will travel to LA then and the Rams will play at BUF and MIA.


  HOME vs Indy week 1 (Heres entire sch)

RFIP760April 20, 2017 03:07PM


RFIP263April 20, 2017 03:11PM

  Darn, I was off by one week...

max224April 20, 2017 03:14PM

  Can they get to 2-1 after first three?

RFIP164April 20, 2017 03:19PM

  A season like 1969 would be awesome, no?

NewMexicoRam158April 20, 2017 05:04PM

  A season like 1999 would be better.. :) nm

RFIP153April 21, 2017 12:58AM

  4 of first 5 in California

stlramz225April 20, 2017 03:17PM

  Re: 4 of first 5 in California

RFIP152April 20, 2017 03:20PM

  A lot of travel around that bye week

NewMexicoRam159April 20, 2017 04:18PM

  Re: A lot of travel around that bye week

AlbaNY_Ram222April 20, 2017 04:40PM

  You're from the NFL scheduling office, right?

NewMexicoRam188April 20, 2017 05:07PM

  Re: A lot of travel around that bye week

leafnose139April 20, 2017 07:02PM

  damn, Titans 12/24....

LMU93260April 20, 2017 03:38PM

  Yeah, I was thinking the same thing

9er8er170April 20, 2017 03:51PM

  Early home games, winnable matchups on Los Angeles Rams schedule

RamBill220April 20, 2017 04:50PM

  Rams 2017 Schedule Released

RamBill211April 20, 2017 04:58PM

  Los Angeles hosting simultaneous NFL games three times

RamBill172April 20, 2017 05:04PM

  Re: Rams 2017 Schedule Released

CraigMatson144April 21, 2017 04:09AM

  zero complaints

LMU93231April 20, 2017 05:27PM

  Re: zero complaints

Rampage2K-202April 20, 2017 06:16PM

  I have a complaint

9er8er214April 20, 2017 06:40PM

  None of us know

GreatRamNTheSky188April 21, 2017 01:25AM

  Don't kid yourself

RFIP170April 21, 2017 01:41AM


Ramgator155April 21, 2017 08:06AM

  Re: Don't kid yourself

Rams4391April 21, 2017 08:19AM

  Name 1

RFIP124April 21, 2017 10:03AM

  Re: Name 1

Rams43167April 21, 2017 10:56AM

  Re: Don't kid yourself

Rampage2K-178April 21, 2017 08:33AM

  Re: None of us know

waterfield147April 21, 2017 10:15AM

  when I woke up this morning I heard a disturbing sound...

JamesJM136April 21, 2017 10:56AM

  There is a lot that can be known

9er8er84April 22, 2017 12:57PM

  Re: zero complaints......one cold weather game

Rampage2K-125April 21, 2017 08:28AM

  Re: zero complaints......one cold weather game

LMU93136April 21, 2017 08:43AM