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my problem with all that

April 21, 2017 03:25AM
is that they treat the abroad game as a home game.

they should treat it as an away game for both teams that are playing so they don't bone the team and their followers out of 8 home games and the advantages that entails.

i always felt Kroenke's agreement to play in London/China year after year was part of his deal to pave the way to LA. This obviously adds another layer.

  Hmm, Demoff on what makes a team eligible to host a Super Bowl

RFIP468April 20, 2017 12:50AM

  What about what it takes to play in a Super Bowl?

AlbaNY_Ram99April 20, 2017 04:49PM

  Demoff is revealing his mindset...

max118April 21, 2017 02:12AM

  And never will be

LesBaker121April 21, 2017 02:49PM

  Sadly, no argument from me...

max111April 21, 2017 03:40PM

  my problem with all that

stlramz115April 21, 2017 03:25AM

  The teams that play "home" games in England...

Ramsfsninmd135April 21, 2017 04:44AM