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Goff vs Wentz article same website

February 15, 2017 04:32PM


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Jared Goff Or Carson Wentz At No. 1 In The 2016 NFL Draft?

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AJ Milack - April 18, 2016

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With the 2016 NFL draft less than 10 days away the Los Angeles Rams have a tough decision on their hands. These are the types of decisions that either prolong careers for coaches and front office members, or swiftly end them. For GM Les Snead and Coach Jeff Fisher the question is far less complicated than the decision. Jared Goff, or Carson Wentz? Jared Goff was a three-year starter at Cal Berkeley where he averaged a 62.3 completion percentage, 4,066 passing yards and 32 touchdowns a year as a student-athlete. He also averaged a pretty absurd 144.03 QBR in his three years out west.

Aside from those rather juicy stats, Goff showed the most important trait for evaluating any young passer. He improved each season throughout his collegiate career. His completion percentage, yards per attempt, passing yards, touchdown passes and QBR all improved from 2013 to 2014 — and then again from 2014 to 2015. Based off of tape alone, Goff shows average footwork and mobility, but his arm talent and football IQ are undeniable. He shows the ability to throw the ball into the tightest windows and commands the offense. This past year, especially, Goff displayed leadership, grit and confirmed his reservation for the opportunity to be the top-overall pick in the 2016 draft.

Carson Wentz appeared in four seasons for the North Dakota State Bison, however, his only full season was in 2014. In 2012 he only threw 12 passes, and then only threw 30 in 2013. In order to get a more accurate stance on his career averages I will not consider either of these seasons, considering that his 12 for 16 stat line in 2012 will significantly increase his QBR average and significantly decrease his yards, and touchdown averages. So for his two final collegiate years, Wentz posted averages of 63.3 completion percentage, 2,381 passing yards, 21 touchdowns and a 153.2 QBR.

Now it is also important to remember the yards and touchdowns are a little low because Wentz missed more than half of 2015 with a broken wrist. One of the main reasons Wentz is a tough evaluation is his lack of availability throughout his collegiate career. Realistically, although it’s a bit of bad luck, it’s also concerning when you’re banking on a kid who hasn’t proved to be able to stay healthy. When he is on the field the tape shows a big-time athlete, but not necessarily a guy I’d be willing to hand the keys to the shiny new car.

Wentz rarely came off his first read, and when he did he struggled. He relied on his athleticism to get him out of trouble but obviously his FCS competition doesn’t stack up to the big leagues. I think Wentz has the tools, and if he falls into the right hands he can be a really solid player. He’s big and fast, but will need some time to adjust to the speed of the NFL. Whether he can be groomed to win from the pocket is merely a deep projection at this point.

Many, since the blockbuster trade, have been adamant that this is a close call between Goff and Wentz. I agree both can be elite NFL quarterbacks given the right situation and supporting cast. However, if I put on my GM hat and need to make a pick to turn the Rams from a perennial .500 team to contender, for me, it’s clearly Jared Goff. Both the stats and tape show a kid ready to make the jump from college star to pro star.

Goff also played against significantly better talent and still outperformed by a pretty wide margin. With the Rams moving to Los Angeles now is the perfect time to go find the face of the franchise and turn a yearly pretender into a yearly contender. I believe Jared Goff is the best bet to be that guy

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  Damning Wentz article...mechanics "cannot be fix.."

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  It's Derrik Klassen and he is HORRIBLE

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  How did Wentz do versus

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  Does it matter?

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  Re: How did Wentz do versus

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  It was interesting to watch this board morph

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  Oh I think there is a great deal of doubt

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  Thank heavens for the interwebs...

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  Goff vs Wentz article same website

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