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It's Derrik Klassen and he is HORRIBLE

February 15, 2017 01:51PM
He is a junior league sensationalist blogger who has zero cred.

  Damning Wentz article...mechanics "cannot be fix.."

RFIP775February 15, 2017 10:16AM

  It's Derrik Klassen and he is HORRIBLE

LesBaker191February 15, 2017 01:51PM

  stopped at "apart"... nm

Old Goat110February 15, 2017 02:04PM

  I will say this

RFIP182February 15, 2017 03:20PM

  Re: stopped at "apart"... nm

Classicalwit126February 15, 2017 04:48PM


LesBaker114February 15, 2017 05:09PM

  costed? Attachments

stlramz117February 15, 2017 06:27PM

  How did Wentz do versus

Blue and Gold141February 15, 2017 07:32PM

  Does it matter?

JamesJM139February 15, 2017 09:47PM

  Re: How did Wentz do versus

Rams4375February 16, 2017 05:06AM

  It was interesting to watch this board morph

LesBaker93February 16, 2017 06:31AM

  Oh I think there is a great deal of doubt

RFIP73February 16, 2017 06:37AM

  Thank heavens for the interwebs...

DaJudge89February 16, 2017 07:12AM

  Goff vs Wentz article same website

Rampage193February 15, 2017 04:32PM