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Re: Hi Mr. Karney

February 20, 2012 05:36PM
The FB position is being phase out in todays game for sure. a large part of it is do to the college game changing so much. the spread offenses are not just being ran in college but also at the high school level as well. it's i guess the epidemic of today as was the "wing T" back in the day. plus TE's are so much more versatile now a days that you are seeing teams use them as wide recievers aka jimmy graham, gronkowski, aaron hernandez. the ideal FB i would refer to and who is a personal friend of mine, is vonta leach of baltimore. he is from the old school who is in a great system with a HC and OC that likes a guy that does what he can do. another problem is not alot coaches like to use them anymore. the start of the playoffs this past season, 9 of the 12 playoff teams ran one or had one. so the position is still there but not as much like 5-10 years ago.

  Hi Mr. Karney

RustyRay964February 17, 2012 12:34PM

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