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Ramgator's stage question reminded me of this...

September 11, 2022 09:35AM
I think you guys remember that I studied acting in college... acted in many many stage plays.

I should write a book about the 'behind the stage' stuff that occurs during a performance. If you've never been in a stage play you'd be surprised at the activity going on during a play. Chaos, arguments, frantic calls for props or lighting changes, the list is long.

Told this before but I think it's worth repeating... I was in the play "The Odd Couple" playing the part of Felix... (Jack Lemmons role in the movie). There is a scene with Felix and the two "Coo Coo Pigeon Sisters".... there was supposed to be an ash tray on set but the prop man had forgotten it. One of the pigeon sisters was smoking on stage in the scene and off script, during the performance, asked if I had an ash tray.... welllll, I had to ad-lib.

I stood up wondering, "what the hell do I do, walk off stage and get an ash tray"... that wasn't an option so I went over to a dinner table that was set up for dinner... and on which were two candle holders .... hiding my actions from the pigeon sisters I removed a candle from the holder to use it as an ash tray... but what to do with the candle? I stuffed it down my pants... it was a LARGE candle... I didn't consider the ramifications.... but picture it: A large candle stuffed down the front of my pants... got the picture?

I actually wasn't aware until the audience began giggling hysterically how noticeable that long bulge in my pants was. At which time... I played it for all it was worth. laughing smiley

It went over so well we left in for the following performances. laughing smiley

  Ramgator's stage question reminded me of this...

JamesJM71September 11, 2022 09:35AM

  I take after my Grandfather in so many ways. One is I like to look behind the scenes.

Ramgator32September 11, 2022 09:45AM

  Yeah I watch ALL the production stuff at shows..

sstrams33September 11, 2022 10:10AM

  I watch that! There were two opening acts last night.

Ramgator33September 11, 2022 01:15PM

  Yeah, there are no real slouches..

sstrams43September 11, 2022 01:23PM

  Oh my!

sstrams50September 11, 2022 10:11AM