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Remember my post about the two stray dogs...

July 27, 2022 01:08PM
dropped off at my home? Well, we've had them this entire time, until today. Actually we had 3, until today, as another stray was dropped off about a week ago.

Which brings up a catch-22. My daughter had posted on Facebook, (and some other places), photos of the strays just in case they were someone's pets.... but I think that's a problem. Yes, you have to do that... no doubt... but I think some, (low-lifes), read that and think, "Oh good we can drop off our unwanted pets at JamesJM's house and he'll take care of the problem". I'm convinced that's how we came by that 3rd stray a week ago.

Anyway... we got them into one of those humane adoption agencies where they don't just kill them. SPCA would not take them. Bad news is that having them this long my grandkids got "semi-attached" to them.. so there were tears - even though I had warned them EVERY DAY that we couldn't keep them and to be prepared.

I can almost guarantee you that someone will drop off another stray within one, at most two, months.

  Remember my post about the two stray dogs...

JamesJM72July 27, 2022 01:08PM

  We're becoming the town's foremost..

sstrams45July 28, 2022 04:40AM