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Some thoughts on Anchrum by BonifayRam…

January 06, 2023 05:39AM
Hard to argue with the raw injury facts, isn’t it?

Here’s BonifayRam…

Response to question.....From observing his two starts in the 2022 preseason against the Texans & Chargers. His performance was functionally good with no mistakes but he is still far from being a strength in the interior. Still green playing the interior.

I believe I covered in another post that Anchrum has shown nothing in 3 seasons in this offense:eyeroll::not:. Carberry's plan in 2021 was to utilize Anchrum as the top Swing OG. Carberry started Anchrum in the 3 preseason games & he was injured in the 2nd 2021 preseason game & injured again in the 3rd 2021 preseason game & was placed on the IR and never saw the field again in 2021.

In 2022 Anchrum's season started the same way as the promoted swing OG but an injury got him his first regular-season start @ RG & in his first snap broke his leg and was placed on the IR. What does all that tell us? How can anyone say Anchrum is a long-term answer for this team his contract is up after 2023.

I am all in on your suggestion...yes keeping all these highly possible easy-to-sign veteran interior UFA's OL'ers {Aboushi, Skura, Brewer, Toner} to FIGHT & blend in with the signed IOL'ers {Allen, Shelton, Thomas, Bruss & Anchrum} is a good plan

  Some thoughts on Anchrum by BonifayRam…

Rams43257January 06, 2023 05:39AM