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Bubbaramfan has a Thursday 8/4 camp report…

August 04, 2022 08:07PM
Here’s bubbaramfan…

Another day at TC. Have to go by memory, voice recorder acting up. Not much to report really. Today was like yesterday. We spent a lot of time shooting the breeze with new friend Rudy. More of the same guys standing out. Was a new guy out there with K/PR. small stature looked fast. Jacob Harris in shorts and Tee, no Bobby Evans again. WTF is up with that? Not a word from anywhere.

Stafford did throw some. Hooked up with Atwell on a well thrown ball, Tutu had to stretch to get it. Atwell showing well all day. Skowronik looked good today. Benton Whitley and Jake Hummel got a lot of snaps at inside LB 2nd team. A lot of mixing on OL 2nd team. Kolone a lot of snaps a C. Anchrum got snaps at RT. Acuri snaps at RT.

Wolford Looked good again today. going through progressions quick. Hope Stafford never goes down, but I think Rams can win games behind Wolford. Perkins still hasn'st shown me anything to rave about. His first option is covered and then he runs. Too many sloppy passes. Got picked again.

Donald is a beast. Poor Shelton and 2nd OL having fits. Powell getting more time with 1st team as WR and got snaps as RB.

We are wondering whatever happened to Warren Jackson WR #83? He's on roster.

Lewis and Garrett again at R and LDE for most 2nd team snaps. Both ahead of where they were last TC.

Lots of snaps again today. I think they at the point where they need to get snaps against another team to sort the pecking order out.

Won't be there again till Monday. Got family stuff this weekend. I'll post later if I think of anything signifigant.

  Bubbaramfan has a Thursday 8/4 camp report…

Rams43288August 04, 2022 08:07PM