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I'm still in disbelief....

February 02, 2022 07:28AM
Or, I mean, I did believe... just still finding it hard to believe that what I believed... ehhh, I'll leave it to you to figure out.

Wow, was this a roller coaster year or what? When I think of all the pieces that came together this year... getting Stafford, Akers going down, Sony coming thru, win streaks, a late losing streak, getting Von - OBJ, praising/criticizing McVay, I think I've run through the gamut of emotions. It had it all.

And it's not over? Had you told me before the season about all the ups and downs I was to face this last season I think I would have thought, "I won't make it... that's more than I can handle".... and now that it's here... it's not only NOT more than I can handle, I'm not only not emotionally spent.... I feel reborn.

Back when Sofi was being built I remember thinking, "What if the Ram's are in the first SB played in Sofi".... I knew that thought was just me foolishly hoping, some pipe dream that had as much chance of becoming reality as my daydreams of hitting the Lotto. And now... here I am.

And hey, you guys came along as well! Glad to have the company.... and I'm a loner. laughing smiley

Ahhh, I should warn you all about something - back in 2000 on SB Sunday I called Andy at some ungodly hour of morning, I couldn't sleep... waiting for the the game some 12 hour away. Found out Andy couldn't sleep either. So the warning, don't give me your telephone number. - JamesJM

  I'm still in disbelief....

JamesJM244February 02, 2022 07:28AM

  Oh crap..

sstrams83February 02, 2022 07:31AM

  Jimmy, you are a caution! LOL (NM)

RFL95February 02, 2022 07:53AM

  Tell me about it! No less than 5-6 times......

Ramgator64February 02, 2022 08:06AM