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Well, That's That ...

November 06, 2016 02:17PM
Do the Rams have 2nd and 3rd round picks in the draft next season? Maybe they can bundle up some players and trade them away for draft picks.

Tavon Austin comes to my mind immediately. Seriously, is there any way that the Rams can trade him?

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  Well, That's That ...

Classicalwit498November 06, 2016 02:17PM

  I'd beg a team to take Austin

Ram49308November 06, 2016 02:18PM

  Re: I'd beg a team to take Austin

reggae263November 06, 2016 02:25PM

  Tied an anchor to the org

Ram49266November 06, 2016 02:27PM

  Foles 2.0

RFIP255November 06, 2016 02:36PM

  I'd agree to that under one condition...

NewMexicoRam252November 06, 2016 02:24PM