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The Fearsome Foursome

March 30, 2012 06:02PM
Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts for us, Deacon. You are a legend to all Rams fans and are one of the four reasons I became a fan myself in 1967. The other 3 were those with you on one of the greatest defensive lines in the history of the sport.

I know that each of you were outstanding individual players but together you became a force to be feared. My question is how well did the four of you get along both on and off the field?

I would love for you to come in and give a talk to our young players this year. Maybe help them get pumped up and focused on their own potential greatness! smiling smiley

  The Fearsome Foursome

Ramboni1753March 30, 2012 06:02PM

  Re: The Fearsome Foursome

Deacon Jones1132April 05, 2012 04:29PM