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A few thoughts on the SB and on a great season

February 03, 2019 07:30PM
First the SB:

1. I am a bit disappointed, but overall it didn't emotionally cripple me. I think its because this team is young and this is just 1 more step in winning the big one. This team isn't building a 1 and done. Not for a core as young as this team is.

2. The refs had little to nothing to do with the outcome of this game.

3. The Rams were in this thing and had their chances.
a. That holding call on Sully on the Gurley run basically wiped out a run that put the Rams in FG range at a minimum to take the lead.
b. The late throw from Goff to Cooks in the back of the endzone. Literally 1 second earlier and thats 7.
c. Cooks dropping that dime for a TD.
d. heck even at the end they were knocking on the door before the zero blitz INT.
Its not like they got their doors blown off, they represented well. Never lost their cool. It just wasn't in the cards tonight.

4. Gurley - he needs to get healthy in the offseason. You combine his injury along with Kupp and they were missing 50% of their weapons and it was just too much to overcome with two weeks of game planning. If he isn't injured then whatever is going on between him and McVay needs to get fixed.

5. TEs targeted 1 time? I have no idea what to say there.

6. The OTs played well according to Seth Walder: Rams offensive tackles Rob Havenstein and Andrew Whitworth had excellent pass blocking games, posting pass block win rates (the percentage of pass plays they sustained their blocks for at least 2.5 seconds) of 94% and 91%, respectively, well above the league average for an offensive tackle of 81%.

7. The defense played outstanding and basically giving up 10 points to the 4th highest scoring team and holding Brady to no TDs is a win. Esp. being behind the eight ball on field position all game long and losing the ToP battle.

Now for the season:

1. The Rams need to do something about this 90% of the time 11 personnel thing. I know we saw more 12 stuff after Kupp went down later in the year, but as we saw tonight, its too predictable. And it all starts with TEs that actually are threats. I'm not saying draft one in the 1st round, but they have to do something.

2. Its time to move on from John Sullivan. I like the guy but he is just worn down. Weakest OL link all year.

3. Suh is a goner right? He had a great 2 game stretch and that isn't worth 14 million a year.

4. I wish Joyner all the luck in free agency. He isn't coming back. Which leads me to...

5. Welcome to cutsville Barron. Population, you. He can't cover and is too undersized to be a run stuffer. He was miserable all season and tonight. Thanks for the cap space.

6. Fowler is an interesting case, I could see a case made to keep him or let him walk. I guess it will come down to if anyone blows him away with a contract offer. hope he stays at a decent cost.

7. As I go into the offseason, I am operating on the idea that Saffold is resigned, Suh, Joyner and Fowler leave and Barron is cut.

8. Off of those thoughts, my top needs for this offseason are (in order) ILB, Edge, DT, FS, OC, TE and CB

9. Of all the things I am happiest about from this season, is that the die hard fans I had the pleasure to chat with over the years finally got a great season and a couple of playoff wins and a shot to win it all. I know how disappointing the last 15 odd years have been and for the first time the light at the end of the tunnel isn't an oncoming locomotive. And as I feel like a lot of you guys are friends, I'm happy for you.

10. Last year in my final mock I added a bonus 2019 mock with the Rams first 3 picks. I missed the Rams draft position by 1 pick... Anyhow here it is:
Bonus 2019 draft:

1.32 - Greg Little - LT - Ole Miss - a tall, big athletic OT that slides right in to Whitworth's vacated LT spot. obviously they have bigger holes then OT
3. 96 - Irv Smith Jr - TE - Alabama - poor QB play really didn't help him last year, but he should be a breakout TE this season. as I mentioned, he did indeed breakout and is now a borderline 1st rounder.
3.99ish (comp. pick) - Alijah Holder - CB - Stanford - a 6'-2" CB that needs to add some strength, but could replace No Chainz for the 2020 season. Didn't break out, and there are better options in the third.

Don't waste your time looking back, you're not going that way. - Ragnar Lothbrok

  A few thoughts on the SB and on a great season

Deadpool194February 03, 2019 07:30PM

  Re: A few thoughts on the SB and on a great season

RamsFanFromRio110April 25, 2019 04:25PM