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Re: Disagree...its the QB...

February 03, 2019 04:58PM
No it is not the QB. McVay was a moron in the first half. Goff was getting hit all day. That is the OL

  We have to tebuild this OL

reggae181February 03, 2019 04:50PM

  Blythe will get better. Oldies may need replacing.

EternalHorns96February 03, 2019 04:53PM

  Should have kept Jamon

RamsDynasty115February 03, 2019 04:54PM

  Re: Disagree...its the QB...

dzrams109February 03, 2019 04:54PM

  Re: Disagree...its the QB...

reggae117February 03, 2019 04:58PM

  Anyone blaming Goff is a moron. There, I said it.

EternalHorns81February 03, 2019 05:00PM

  Re: We know he's 3rd year...

dzrams89February 03, 2019 05:06PM