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Re: Last TD pass

December 30, 2018 01:58PM
Obviously someone peed in your Cheerios this morning... lol. Everything you've described... isn't that what good teams are supposed to do to crappy teams? Force turnovers, convert two turnovers in the red zone for TD's (a weekly complaint by everyone on this board), run the two minute drill to get points, come out in the 3rd quarter and drive down the field for a TD... the glass is definitely more full than empty heading into the playoffs.

Ummmm...yeah, at the bare minimum obviously.

Acting like they deserve a participation trophy for doing it is whats laughable.

This SF team would have trouble being a top 25 NCAA team.

NOTHING today takes away from the PUTRID level of play we have seen from Goff since the bye week, or the D (save AD) ALL YEAR...and is hardly some likely "harbinger" of things to come...I hope like hell i'm wrong.

Jezuz people get some perspective.

  Last TD pass

Ram1380165December 30, 2018 01:44PM

  Re: Last TD pass

BayAreaRamFan46December 30, 2018 01:49PM

  Re: Last TD pass

Ram138046December 30, 2018 01:58PM

  So the Seahawks arent a top 25 ncaa team?

baraw51December 30, 2018 01:59PM

  Re: Last TD pass

BayAreaRamFan43December 30, 2018 02:02PM

  Re: Last TD pass

Ram138039December 30, 2018 02:06PM

  OMG!!!! Just enjoy the game already!!!

Ram Fan Teacher44December 30, 2018 02:12PM

  Re: OMG!!!! Just enjoy the game already!!!

BayAreaRamFan38December 30, 2018 02:16PM