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Re: Donald? A++++ The Others? D

December 02, 2018 10:51AM
How is it possible for AD to make HUGE plays while double-teamed - and the rest of a DL full of 1st-round talents seem to make none?

I was inclined to believe that Suh et al were helping AD make all those plays. But that doesn't fly when Donald is making so many plays off double-teams.

These other guys MUST do better.

Fowler has had a pretty good game, too.

  Donald? A++++ The Others? D

Suh-weet!58December 02, 2018 10:47AM

  Re: Donald? A++++ The Others? D

Rams4325December 02, 2018 10:51AM

  Re: Donald? A++++ The Others? D

sfbayram30December 02, 2018 10:52AM

  I'm talking DL (nm)

Suh-weet!19December 02, 2018 10:56AM

  Re: I'm talking DL (nm)

sfbayram17December 02, 2018 10:57AM