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I don't like the differences in officiating

January 06, 2018 06:27PM
between the playoffs/Superbowl and the regular season. If you're going to let some things slide in the playoffs, then let them slide in the regular season. Be consistent, for pete's sake. It's like having two sets of NFL rules and that's not right. There's no NFL Playoffs Rulebook. There's just the NFL Rulebook. Officiate all the games in the same way. Playoffs should not be different than regular season games.

Just how I feel about it.

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  I don't like the differences in officiating

MamaRAMa266January 06, 2018 06:27PM

  I've felt that way since SB 36

NewMexicoRam135January 06, 2018 06:28PM

  100% agree! Why change the officiating...

Saguaro140January 06, 2018 06:29PM