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Re: He wasn't very good tonight

January 06, 2018 06:39PM
Not buying that at all. To ight we got predictable Sean. Bad game plan got us into a hole. This game was winnable. 10 had a bad night. I forgive him. 16 may have had a slow start. I blame McVay. 12 is a waste of talent. A Britt clone. Losing 90 was a killer.

  LOVE the play from Goff tonight...

Suh-weet!365January 06, 2018 06:22PM

  Flashed, but not consistent

EternalHorns154January 06, 2018 06:23PM

  Re: Flashed, but not consistent

reggae146January 06, 2018 06:35PM

  me too he is a stud

Ram49137January 06, 2018 06:24PM

  He wasn't very good tonight

9er8er180January 06, 2018 06:29PM

  Re: He wasn't very good tonight

reggae118January 06, 2018 06:39PM

  Re: i dont see it..

spagsbacker150January 06, 2018 06:25PM

  Re: i dont see it..

SUretHing129January 06, 2018 06:28PM

  Re: Boom this...even the announcers said it

dzrams183January 06, 2018 06:32PM

  Re: i dont see it..

no name133January 06, 2018 06:33PM

  Re: not defending sammy

spagsbacker151January 06, 2018 06:36PM

  Think about that

SUretHing127January 06, 2018 07:16PM

  Early on Goff was jittetery but not later

SUretHing138January 06, 2018 06:27PM