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It is a realty folks

December 03, 2017 02:21PM
Rams HAVE a winning record! 9-3.

R.I.P. Nelson aka TonyHunter87 1971 - 2017 far too soon..

Your last words to me: "Your a great guy RFIP. I was very sad when you left the board, and your son, but was glad to see you back. Take care my friend, may God be by your side." 09/09/2017 12:58AM

No Nelson, you were a far better man than I, and I am sure an awesome husband and father as well. I will miss you my friend. -RFIP

  It is a realty folks

RFIP234December 03, 2017 02:21PM

  Great minds lol

Speed_Kills83December 03, 2017 02:22PM

  Re: It is a realty folks

YorkiePud81December 03, 2017 02:23PM

  Re: It is a realty folks

Suh-weet!84December 03, 2017 02:26PM

  Oh, you mean we're in winning territory?

Saguaro96December 03, 2017 02:27PM