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All on McVay

October 08, 2017 02:00PM
I have no clue what this gameplan was.

Can't wait to hear the questions at the press conference

Atrocious..... I hope he learns from this

  All on McVay

Ram49351October 08, 2017 02:00PM

  Yeah, that was a poor game plan... nm

sstrams161October 08, 2017 02:01PM

  Re: All on McVay

dzrams132October 08, 2017 02:01PM

  Re: All on McVay

21Dog112October 08, 2017 02:03PM

  Re: All on McVay

reggae105October 08, 2017 02:04PM

  And on a day the defense comes through

NewMexicoRam113October 08, 2017 02:02PM

  Nah, Gurley fumble, Goff pciks, Whit sack

Blue and Gold126October 08, 2017 02:05PM

  yup, I'm with you...

JamesJM119October 08, 2017 02:06PM

  Also, hard to judge gamerpaln

Blue and Gold134October 08, 2017 02:08PM

  True.. but I meant Sea. (nm)

JamesJM95October 08, 2017 02:09PM

  of course nm

21Dog104October 08, 2017 02:10PM


Hazlet Hacksaw111October 08, 2017 02:16PM

  Re: Disagree

CarolinaRam157October 08, 2017 02:18PM

  so you then you stop giving him the ball?

Hazlet Hacksaw116October 08, 2017 02:20PM

  if Gurley hangs on to the ball and Greg the leg makes it

Los Angeles Lenny120October 08, 2017 03:30PM