January 01, 2017 02:42PM

Lol good luck Stan

Yep. A lot of us locals called it 11 months ago.

If the Rams come back to LA, they better win, baby!

Or else...

And a lot of the locals here said "not so fast", but no one in L.A. would listen. Well.... it is what it is.
And I think it's gonna be that way for a while.
Brace yourselves.


  Can we officially name this team...

mexram157January 01, 2017 02:22PM

  Would be tough to argue that...

sstrams34January 01, 2017 02:24PM

  Fan since '77

Ram4942January 01, 2017 02:25PM

  Not Fair!

Crazylegs24January 01, 2017 03:07PM

  Photo of stadium right now

Ram4957January 01, 2017 02:26PM

  Re: Photo of stadium right now

Rams4333January 01, 2017 02:29PM

  Re: Photo of stadium right now

MamaRAMa34January 01, 2017 02:42PM