January 01, 2017 02:25PM
...this is the worst Ram's team I've seen.

Some argument with mid 2000's and the Tony Banks era......but this is the worst in my opinion.

They're not just bad........ they don't look like an NFL team at all.

  Can we officially name this team...

mexram426January 01, 2017 02:22PM

  Would be tough to argue that...

sstrams194January 01, 2017 02:24PM

  Fan since '77

Ram49175January 01, 2017 02:25PM

  Not Fair!

Crazylegs335January 01, 2017 03:07PM

  Photo of stadium right now

Ram49236January 01, 2017 02:26PM

  Re: Photo of stadium right now

Rams43183January 01, 2017 02:29PM

  Re: Photo of stadium right now

MamaRAMa189January 01, 2017 02:42PM