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Another one snuck through for 3 .nm

August 27, 2016 04:47PM

  Can't see the game - how'd the Leg look?

Suh-weet!180August 27, 2016 04:32PM

  Nope. That kick made me nervous. bout a yard inside. nm

Saguaro94August 27, 2016 04:33PM

  about a yard or two inside the upright... nm

ArizonaRamFan118August 27, 2016 04:33PM

  Ugh! Thx, both (nm)

Suh-weet!91August 27, 2016 04:34PM

  Another one snuck through for 3 .nm

ArizonaRamFan102August 27, 2016 04:47PM


Suh-weet!87August 27, 2016 04:48PM

  No, he is NOT putting fears to rest. And his face didn't look confident either. nm.

Saguaro75August 27, 2016 04:49PM

  My fingernails say "no, those fears are not yet at rest" .nm

ArizonaRamFan86August 27, 2016 04:53PM